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Donating to our ministries

We provide multiple ways for you to support the ministry of the church.

For our in person attenders, you can drop your offering into the offering plate.

For our Live stream attenders, you can mail your donation to:

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or you can donate by clicking the following thesw directions.

With our secure online donation link to Vanco, it has never been easier to support the work of the West Richmond Church of the Brethren!

Click on the "Donate" button below to open a new window with a secure connection to Vanco. You may use any major credit or debit card. An options to make an EFT donation is also available.

Your donation is tax deductible, and your receipt is emailed to you directly from Vanco.

If you would like to set up a recurring donation directly  from your bank account, or credit/debit card, Vanco allows you to set that up also.

If this is your first time donating online through Vanco, click the "Create Profile" button at the Vanco site before trying to sign in. If you have donated before, simply sign in.

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* Please note: All online giving is currently “undesignated” and will be used to strengthen the general fund.

There are no fees charged to the donor for online giving. 

All fees associated with your donation are paid by the church and your receipt lists the full amount of your donation. You will, however, be given the option to cover the transaction fee rather than the church. This is completely optional, but is provided as an option.

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Thank you for your support and donations!

This is our handbell choir playing their version of "Simple Gifts"





In this recording, our handbell choir plays

"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"





Here is a beautiful arrangement of "The Lord's Prayer"

performed by Bill Kinzie on violin, Sarah Beers on flute,

and Bob Phillips on piano




In this video, Sarah Beers on flute and Pastor Dave Whitten

on guitar present their version of "Simple Gifts". This was performed

outside the old entrance to the sanctuary.




During our worship service on August 16, 2020, our handbell choir

performed a song simply named "Melody". Reminiscent of a music

box, it set the calming tone for the remainder of the service. Due to

the pandemic, the choir was fully masked and socially distanced

(I promise it has nothing to do with looks).



Special music was preformed by the Beers family. Kevin and

Barbara Beers, daughter and son-in-law Anna and Travis Williams.

This particular song is a Mennonite favorite! And is now being done

more and more in the Church of the Brethren.



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