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Sermon Archive

If you have missed a past sermon and want to listen to or read the transcript, please see the archive below.

Previous Sermons

Beginning 3/22/2020, we began live streaming the service. Click here to see complete services. 

Click on the link on the left to hear the sermon as an MP3 file.  Click on the link to the right to view the sermon text as a PDF.

Sermon audio MP3 Sermon title

Sermon text PDF
Sermon 2020 03-15.mp3 Politics and Taxes Sermon 2020 03-15.pdf

Sermon 2020 03-08.mp3 Take Heart...He is Calling You

Sermon 2020 03-08.pdf
Sermon 2020 03-01.mp3 To the One Who Has Everything Sermon 2020 03-01.pdf
(Sorry, we do not have an audio file for this Sunday.) What Are You Willing to Give Up? Sermon 2020.02-23.pdf
Sermon 2020 02-16.mp3 Is Our Religion Getting in God's Way? Sermon 2020 02-16.pdf
Sermon 2020 02-09.mp3 Just Who Is My Neighbor?

Sermon 2020 02-07.pdf
Sermon 2020 02-02.mp3 Talitha Cum

Sermon 2020 02-02.pdf
Sermon 2020 01-26.mp3 Conquer Evil by Doing Good!

Sermon 2020 01-26.pdf
Sermon 2020 01-19.mp3 Asleep in the Storm

Sermon 2020 01-19.pdf
Sermon 2020 01-12.mp3 What are friends for?

Sermon 2020 01-12.pdf
Sermon 2020 01-05.mp3

Anxiety Over the New Year Sermon 2020 01-05.pdf
-----------2019 12-29-------- (Service of music and celebration) -----------2019 12-29--------
Service 2019 12-24.mp3
(Christmas Eve)
Christmas Eve Meditation

Service 2019 12-24.pdf
Sermon 2019 12-22.mp3 God Saw Mary's Worth, Would We? Sermon 2019 12-22.pdf
Sermon 2019 12-15.mp3 What Are We Waiting For?

Sermon 2019 12-15.pdf
Sermon 2019 12-08.mp3 Are You a Martha or a Mary at Christmas? Sermon 2019 12-08.pdf
Sermon 2019 12-01.mp3 Continuity and Surprise (Tracy Hartman) Sermon 2019 12-01.pdf
Sermon 2019 11-24.mp3 Be Thankful Sermon 2019 11-24.pdf

Sermon 2019 11-17.mp3 What More Could God Do?

Sermon 2019 11-17.pdf
Sermon 2019 11-10.mp3 Amos, a Dresser of Sycamore Trees Sermon 2019 11-10.pdf
Sermon 2019 11-03.mp3 Do You Dare to be Daniel?

Sermon 2019 11-03.pdf
Sermon 2019 10-27.mp3 Silence and Solitude

Sermon 2019 10-27.pdf
Sermon 2019 10-20.mp3 I Pledge to Thee

Sermon 2019 10-20.pdf
Sermon 2019 10-13.mp3 The Word Unchained

Sermon 2019 10-13.pdf
Sermon 2019 10-06.mp3 Shema

Sermon 2019 10-06.pdf
Sermon 2019 09-29.mp3 Who Are You? The Riddle of God's Name Sermon 2019 09-29.pdf
Sermon 2019 09-22.mp3 The Call to Small Sermon 2019 09-22.pdf

Sermon 2019 09-15.mp3 The Sacred Art of Hospitality

Sermon 2019 09-15.pdf
Sermon 2019 09-08.mp3 The Breath of Life

Sermon 2019 09-08.pdf
Sermon 2019 09-01.mp3 The Touch of the Master's Hand Sermon 2019 09-01.pdf
Sermon 2019 08-25.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Pride

Sermon 2019 08-25.pdf
Sermon 2019 08-18.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Envy

Sermon 2019 08-18.pdf
Sermon 2019 08-11.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

Sermon 2019 08-11.pdf
Sermon 2019 08-03.mp3 Focusing on the Essential (Terrie Glass) Sermon 2019 08-04.pdf
Sermon 2019 07-28.mp3 Rooted in Jesus (Kevin Beers) Sermon 2019 07-28.pdf
Sermon 2019 07-21.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

Sermon 2019 07-21.pdf
Sermon 2019 07-14.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Greed/Avarice

Sermon 2019 07-14.pdf
-----------2019 07-07-------- Annual Conference Live Greensboro, North Carolina -----------2019 07-07--------
Sermon 2019 06-30.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Sermon 2019 06-30.pdf
Sermon 2019 06-23.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Lust Sermon 2019 06-23.pdf
Sermon 2019 06-16.mp3 Provoking Your Children

Sermon 2019 06-16.pdf
Sermon 2019 06-09.mp3 7 Deadly Sins: Introduction

Sermon 2019 06-09.pdf
Sermon 2019 06-02.mp3 Mirror, Mirror (Mike Hostetter) (Sorry, we do not have a PDF file available for this sermon)
Sermon 2019 05-26.mp3 Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place Sermon 2019 05-26.pdf

Sermon 2019 05-19.mp3 I am not Ashamed!

Sermon 2019 05-19.pdf
Sermon 2019 05-12.mp3 The God Who Sees Me

Sermon 2019 05-12.pdf

Sermon 2019 05-05.mp3 No Partiality Sermon 2019 05-05.pdf

Sermon 2019 04-28.mp3 Benefit of the Doubt

Sermon 2019 04-28.pdf
Sermon 2019 04-21.mp3 Emptiness Full of Promise

Sermon 2019 04-21.pdf
Sermon 2019 04-14.mp3 Revere to Revile

Sermon 2019 04-14.pdf
Sermon 2019 04-07.mp3 The Least of These Sermon 2019 04-07.pdf

Sermon 2019 03-31.mp3 When the Doorbell Rings Sermon 2019 03-31.pdf

Sermon 2019 03-24.mp3 How to Dress For a Wedding

Sermon 2019 03-24.pdf
Sermon 2019 03-17.mp3 Grumbling about Grace

Sermon 2019 03-17.pdf
Sermon 2019 03-10.mp3 Seventy-seven Times?

Sermon 2019 03-10.pdf
Sermon 2019 03-03.mp3 Only Jesus

Sermon 2019 03-03.pdf

Sermon 2019 02-24.mp3 Out of Scarcity, Abundance

Sermon 2019 02-24.pdf
Sermon 2019 02-17.mp3 Church: For Saints or Sinners? Sermon 2019 02-17.pdf
Sermon 2019 02-10.mp3 The Builder

Sermon 2019 02-10.pdf
Sermon 2019 02-03.mp3 Nursing a Grudge

Sermon 2019 02-03.pdf
Sermon 2019 01-27.mp3 The Present Does Not Define Your Future Sermon 2019 01-27.pdf

Sermon 2019 01-20.mp3 Facing Our Temptations

Sermon 2019 01-20.pdf
Sermon 2019 01-13.mp3 Signature Moment

Sermon 2019 01-13.pdf
Sermon 2019 01-06.mp3 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Sermon 2019 01-06.pdf

Sermon 2018 12-30.mp3 What to do with Emmanuel? (Tyler Goss) Sermon 2018 12-30.pdf
Service 2018 12-24
(Christmas Eve)
The Darkest Night Gives Way to the Brightest Morn Service 2018 12-24.pdf
Sermon 2018 12-23.mp3 Joseph's Integrity

Sermon 2018 12-23.pdf
Sermon 2018 12-16.mp3 Theoretically Impossible! Sermon 2018 12-16.pdf

(Snow day) Comfort, Comfort, O My People Sermon 2018 12-09.pdf

Sermon 2018 12-02.mp3 What Are We Waiting For?

Sermon 2018 12-02.pdf
Sermon 2018 11-25.mp3 Getting What We Don't Deserve Sermon 2018 11-25.pdf
Sermon 2018 11-18.mp3 Shared Blessings

Sermon 2018 11-18.pdf
Sermon 2018 11-11.mp3 Be Fair, Be Nice, Be Humble

Sermon 2018 11-11.pdf
Sermon 2018 11-04.mp3 Enemy Love

Sermon 2018 11-04.pdf
Sermon 2018 10-28.mp3 The Wisdom of Solomon? Sermon 2018 10-28.pdf

Sermon 2018 10-21.mp3 Speaking Truth to Power Sermon 2018 10-21.pdf

Sermon 2018 10-14.mp3 By Comparison, We Feel Like Grasshoppers! Sermon 2018 10-14.pdf
Sermon 2018 10-07.mp3 Whining in the Wilderness

Sermon 2018 10-07.pdf
Sermon 2018 09-30.mp3 Fear Not, Stand Firm, and See Salvation! Sermon 2018 09-30.pdf
Sermon 2018 09-23.mp3 The Sovereignty of God

Sermon 2018 09-23.pdf
Sermon 2018 09-16.mp3 Journey into Faith

Sermon 2018 09-16.pdf
Sermon 2018 09-09.mp3 In the Beginning: God!

Sermon 2018 09-09.pdf
Sermon 2018 09-02.mp3 Touching the Untouchable

Sermon 2018 09-02.pdf
Sermon 2018 08-26.mp3

Fighting the Good Fight (Terrie Glass) Sermon 2018 08-26.pdf
Sermon 2018 08-19.mp3 Thank You for Tomorrow

Sermon 2018 08-19.pdf
Sermon 2018 08-12.mp3 Love the Sojourner

Sermon 2018 08-12.pdf
Sermon 2018 08-05.mp3 Dancing in the Dark

Sermon 2018 08-05.pdf
Sermon 2018 07-29.mp3 Sharing the Love of God - Discipling Sermon 2018 07-29.pdf
Sermon 2018 07-22.mp3 Sharing the Love of God - The Hope Within Us Sermon 2018 07-22.pdf
Sermon 2018 07-15.mp3 Sharing the Love of God - Listening Sermon 2018 07-15.pdf
-----------2018 07-07-------- Annual Conference Live Cincinnati Ohio   -----------2018 07-07--------
Sermon 2018 07-01.mp3 Attitude is Contagious

Sermon 2018 07-01.pdf
Sermon 2018 06-24.mp3 On Being Double-minded

Sermon 2018 06-24.pdf
Sermon 2018 06-17.mp3 Where the Rubber Hits the Pavement! Sermon 2018 06-17.pd

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