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Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Position will oversee the program of ministries for younger and older children and for youth at West Richmond Church of the Brethren and will direct the program for the older children.


Assist, as necessary, the children’s church program for younger children -- up to pre-school age -- in coordination with the current program leader.

Lead or facilitate a weekly age-appropriate Bible study for older children grades 1 through 6.

Assist, as needed, with a weekly Bible study or life application study for youth in grades 7 through 12, in coordination with the current program leader and pastor.

Assist, as necessary, with developing, identifying and/or adapting curriculum or materials for use in the program of children’s church for younger children and for the weekly programs for older children and youth.

Coordinate and/or facilitate separate monthly fellowship activities for the older children and for the youth.

Communicate weekly or bi-weekly with each individual older child by note, text, email or phone call.

In coordination with pastor and /or music and worship committee and the leaders of the youth and younger children’s church programs, determine dates and ways to include children and youth participation in Sunday morning worship at least three times a year.

Coordinate and/or facilitate “family fellowship” opportunities at least two times a year, either onsite at WRCOB or off-site, involving all children and youth with their parents/grandparents.

Coordinate and/or facilitate service-oriented projects for older children and youth at least four times a year, either onsite at WRCOB or off-site.

Encourage and facilitate age-appropriate youth to attend National Youth Conference, Round Table, Camp Bethel, work camps and other district and national offerings from the Church of the Brethren.

Position Requirements:

Training or experience in the direction of programs for youth and/or children in a church, church camp or similar religious program.

Brethren or Mennonite upbringing and/or background is a plus, but not required.

Hours and compensation: 10 to 12 hours a week at $15 per hour for 50 weeks per year.

Application process: Applicants should submit a resume with references by September 30, 2020 to WRCOB office at:   

Children’s Ministry Position, West Richmond Church of the Brethren
7612 Wanymala Road
Henrico, VA 23229

OR submit your resume' below.

Resumes will be reviewed by the Christian Education Commission and pastor. 

Interviews will be conducted with best qualified candidates by the Christian Education Commission, the pastor and the church board chair.

Please submit your resume' and info here:

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